MNS308 Class Group Projects


MNS 308: Humans and a Changing Ocean

Class Group Projects

Students of this class are asked to develop a group project throughout the semester and make a final group presentation with a multimedia product at the end of the semester, in lieu of a final exam. It is to let them demonstrate what they have learned during the course, to let us learn from one another, and to let them disseminate the knowledge to others beyond the classroom. Below are some select presentations during the last several semesters.

(2013 Spring)

Coral Reefers: Plastics in the Ocean

Team Nemo: Arctic Change

The Narwhals: Plastic Pollution Awareness

Fish are friends and not food: Sustainability of fisheries

Poseidon: Marine Pollution

The Baracudas: Coral Reef

Ocean Ambassadors: Overfishing

Shark Bait Ooohaha: Bycatch

(2013 Fall)

The Min-ions: Marine Protected Areas

AnemONEs: Aquaculture

The Gulls: Ms. Olivia’s Classroom

Ocean Devotion: Whaling

Space Monkey Mafia: Eutrophication

Bay Watch: Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Min in Black: Trouble in the Arctic

Shelby & the Taubers: Plastics in the Ocean

(2014 Spring)

Elephant Seals: El Nino Children’s Book

Polar Min: Effects of urbanization and tourism on Texas coast

Octonauts: Education’s Impact on the Ocean

Fish are friends and not food: Saving Nemo – Ocean Acidification and Clownfish

The Lucky Fin: Effect of Media on the Public Perception of Global Warming

HR: A World without Fossil Fuels – Year 2019

Rip Tides: Teaching Sustainability in Early Education

Fish & Ships: Ocean Acidification

The Sea Men: Coastal Degradation

Fearsome: Whales

Oceans 3: Oil Spills

Oceans 4: Apex predators and Keystone Species

(2017 Spring)

The Lonely Albino Sea Turtle: Invasive Species

Coastal Zones: Climate Change

Coral Beef: Overfishing

Invaders of the Lost Gulf-MSNBSea 1: Invasive Species

Shark Bait: Overfishing

H2OATX: Tourism & Austin Waters