MNS 398T: Supervised Teaching in Marine Science

Student E-Portfolios

Students of this class are asked to develop a professional e-portfolio during the semester. It is to let them reflect on their past, present, and future paths and demonstrate what they are capable of for their future careers.

Fall 2013

Meredith Evans

Matthew Dzaugis

Carolyn Harris

Elizabeth Brown

Xana Hermosillo

Yesid Lazano-Duque

Christina Bonsell

Gene Oh

Matthew Seeley

Fall 2012

Ed Farrell

Amanda Fitzgerald

Tracy Harvey

Kaijun Lu

Kathryn Ondricek

Stephanie Smith

Sara Wilson

Jordann Young

Spring 2012 (E-portfolio works from other previous class)

Jena Campbell

Colt Cook

Catalina Cuellar-Gempeler

Lisa Havel

Kellie Hoppe

Matt Khosh

Il-Nam Kim

Nathan McTigue

Joseph Stachelek

Wenxian Tan

last update: 4/2/2014