My Thoughts on Teaching:

As a university faculty, I value the mission to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of education, research and public service. I believe the importance of purpose to empower the young generation with the knowledge, insight, and self-confidence to serve and lead. I have strived to enhance the students’ learning and growth when I teach beyond just fulfilling teaching requirements. I mean learning not only by transferring of new facts by an instructor to students, but also by instilling the new insights, experience, and perspectives in viewing the world that may lead to transforming their lives. I believe it is critically important to guide the students to their own motivation for learning in higher education so they can continue to further their knowledge and awareness even after they graduate the school. I believe this can be done by inspiring students with educators’ appropriate attitudes. One-way communication approach of feeding the students with information or dragging them to a certain objectives may not help them to grow for successes in the long run, unless they find it interesting and worth doing so. I value the vision to lead students as ‘accomplished learners’* through teaching and guidance.

I have aspired to be a poet in teaching, so to speak, for the students, so the audiences and readers can get inspired by the poems and experience a new world envisioned in them beyond the described text. I would like to help and encourage students “to learn in ways that make a sustained, substantial and positive difference in the way they think, act, or feel — without doing them any major harm.” +

(More of my Teaching Statements here)

* adopted from Robert Duke, + adopted from “What The Best College Teachers Do” by Bain (2004)


* Class blogs and photos can be found at the “Courses I Teach” page.