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Report and Blog in Class

In my classes, especially field-based marine science classes, I ask the students to write a data report as well as a blog post for the same activity. One is more formal and the other is rather informal. I do this with a clear goal: To give them an opportunity to express their observations and main […]

Storytelling in the classroom

David Gooblar argues in his recent Chronicles article, “Narrative in the Classroom,” that we need to utilize both “paradigmatic” and “narrative” modes in our teaching, as they are complementary in students’ learning. The paradigmatic explanation is to prove or verify, while the narrative explanation is to illustrate or leave visual impression in minds. Despite its potential […]

Understanding a Course Syllabus

There is a prevalent suspicion among the concerned faculty in higher-education: Many students may not utilize the course syllabi in their classes, and it take a toll in productivity of the education. At the first meeting of each course, students usually receive a packet from their professor, called a syllabus. It contains lots of crucial […]

Review Sessions

Assisting the students to succeed in class with extra help is rewarding and demanding at the same time. I usually provide a review session for my class before each test. This would – at least I hope – be helpful for some students who need clarifications or extra explanations while they try to master the […]

Use of Classroom Response System

It was my second year of teaching at the University of Texas at Austin when I first learned about a new education technology: Classroom Response System (aka clicker). I was intrigued by this small gadget looking like a home remote control used by students in the class and its ability to engage in a real-time […]

MNS308 Group Project – Plastics in the Ocean

Group “Coral Reefers” from 2013-Sp class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dha_GMixO10&feature=youtu.be

Using Video Clips in Class

Utilizing short and relevant multimedia products in class can be very beneficial for effective learning experience. I usually show a course-related short video clip at the beginning of the class (esp. for introductory classes) while the students are still entering the classroom and settle down. For example, if the day’s topic is about ocean upwelling, […]

Brain Food

I am not a snacking person. Although I appreciate the occasional treats, I do not usually crave for sweets. I show indifference to chocolates and ice cream at home to which my wife thinks inhuman. However, I usually keep a stash of snacks in my office at work. Hypocrisy? Let me explain. They can come […]

Using Skype in the class

I love to find a new way to better engage students in the class for more effective learning experience. Having an opportunity to speak with guest speakers can spark more interest for students and it can make the class more interactive and entertaining. I have invited experts on various topics to my courses as guest […]

Listening to podcasts

Ever since my family gave me a small ipod as a Christmas gift several years ago, I have become a regular – rather enthusiastic –  listener of various podcast programs.  It was a good fit with my personal preference and circumstance in right timing. This new experience has been inspiring and entertaining for me. Until […]