Current and Former Students & Staff at Min Laboratory


Mark Lopez (Research Scientist Assistant): 2015- June 2016

Mark at the scope_spring 2015x


Patrick Mears (Research Scientist Assistant): 2012-2014

Jianhong Xue (Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin, TX): 2010-2012

Il-Nam Kim (PhD Student, UT Austin, TX): 2007-2012

Lucia Upchurch (Lab Staff): 2010 & 2012

Patrick Mears (Independent Research Undergraduate Student, UT Austin, TX): 2010

Steve Cao (REU Undergraduate Student, UT Austin, TX  – co-sponsored with J. McClleland): 2010

July Enriquez (REU Undergraduate Student, UT Brownsville, TX): 2009

Tae-Wook Kim (visiting PhD Student, POSTECH, Korea): 2009

Adrianne Lee (REU Undergraduate Student: Wellesley College, MA): 2008

Maria Mancha (Independent Research Undergraduate Student, UT Austin, TX): 2007


last edit: 7/1/2016