I usually conduct reading quiz one day and group quiz (or activity) the other day in the classes throughout the semester. One obvious purpose of this regular quiz activity is to hold the students accountable for studying the required text (and priming their brains with important concepts) before the lecture. But equally important purpose for […]

During this spring 2017 semester, there was another sad incident on campus. We lost another promising freshman within one year… It happened in front of the main library (PCL) during a busy afternoon hour, and so many students witnessed this graphic scene first hand in their horror. (http://kut.org/post/one-killed-3-injured-stabbing-ut-campus-suspect-custody) The unfortunate stabbing incident on campus in […]

Active listening is a virtue. Indeed, some people listen to understand and empathize, while others listen to respond and perpetuate their own thoughts…

It is a dark time. We should not lose hope. We shall overcome. #Science Matters  

One thing resonated so strongly in my heart while grading the final exams for this semester: “Can’t we have the hand writing skill as part of the college entrance test for young students?”  OMG  

When I help students during the office hours, I usually ask them to explain to me what they think they know about the problems or questions first, before I attempt to give any explanation or clarification. It does not matter whether they can give a very coarse or elegant explanation about the questions in hand. […]

A tragic incident happened in campus recently and we lost a bright young student by a heinous crime. The loss of a fellow student and the nature of the crime shocked the university community. Haruka Weiser was a freshman in the dance and theater program. I walk through the area where she was killed very […]

As the semester is in full swing, we feel the pressure… of people everywhere in campus. Long lines, congested streets, and massive stampede of students every hour during the daytime are common and we all try to adapt. On top of that, constructions and traffic disruptions are ongoing in many spots in campus adding more […]

Are We Clear?  Tips for Crafting Better Explanations By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD Language at the level of the learner Paced at the speed of the learner Malleable, able to be reshaped, formed differently, reconstituted Reconstituted or repeated as often as necessary without hints of frustration or doubts about the learner Illustrated with examples meaningful to […]

The Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly (SSTA) in the eastern Pacific Ocean is much warmer than average this year (nearly 4 to 5 deg C warmer), and many research groups predict this will be a strong El Niño period.  Predictions of weather pattern for the southern U.S. (e.g. Texas) for this winter suggest a cooler and […]