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Red Pen, Green Pen

I usually conduct reading quiz one day and group quiz (or activity) the other day in the classes throughout the semester. One obvious purpose of this regular quiz activity is to hold the students accountable for studying the required text (and priming their brains with important concepts) before the lecture. But equally important purpose for […]

Another sad incident on campus

During this spring 2017 semester, there was another sad incident on campus. We lost another promising freshman within one year… It happened in front of the main library (PCL) during a busy afternoon hour, and so many students witnessed this graphic scene first hand in their horror. ( The unfortunate stabbing incident on campus in […]


Active listening is a virtue. Indeed, some people listen to understand and empathize, while others listen to respond and perpetuate their own thoughts…

Challenging Time

It is a dark time. We should not lose hope. We shall overcome. #Science Matters  


One thing resonated so strongly in my heart while grading the final exams for this semester: “Can’t we have the hand writing skill as part of the college entrance test for young students?”  OMG  

“Why Teachers Need To Know The Wrong Answers” – NPR

When I help students during the office hours, I usually ask them to explain to me what they think they know about the problems or questions first, before I attempt to give any explanation or clarification. It does not matter whether they can give a very coarse or elegant explanation about the questions in hand. […]

Tips for Crafting Better Explanations – from Faculty Focus

Are We Clear?  Tips for Crafting Better Explanations By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD Language at the level of the learner Paced at the speed of the learner Malleable, able to be reshaped, formed differently, reconstituted Reconstituted or repeated as often as necessary without hints of frustration or doubts about the learner Illustrated with examples meaningful to […]

Distinguished Faculty Workshop Series – 15F#1 Prof Bob Duke

To provide a unique professional development opportunity for student educators on campus I have developed a new plan at the Sanger Learning Center at UGS this semester: Distinguished Faculty Workshop Series for student educators. The idea is we invite some renowned distinguished faculty members who are exceptionally talented and enthusiastic in teaching and let them […]

The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers (4Ps) – Rob Jenkins

Excerpts from Rob Jenkins’ article on The Chronicle of Higher Education (3/16/2015): 1. Personality Great teachers tend to be good-natured and approachable, as opposed to sour or foreboding; professional without being aloof; funny, perhaps because they don’t take themselves or their subject matter too seriously; demanding without being unkind; comfortable in their own skin; natural […]

Report and Blog in Class

In my classes, especially field-based marine science classes, I ask the students to write a data report as well as a blog post for the same activity. One is more formal and the other is rather informal. I do this with a clear goal: To give them an opportunity to express their observations and main […]