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Challenging Time

It is a dark time. We should not lose hope. We shall overcome. #Science Matters   Advertisements

Rest in Peace, Prof. Joseph Reid

Jo, Rest in Peace. I am still so grateful for your gentle guidance, critical advice and limitless humor as my dissertation committee member. You often challenged me to think critically, not to assume without evidence, and not get too excited about new findings just because they look consistent with the previous results. I learned how […]

Sinking of Research Vessel

RIP. Those who perished. It’s almost as big as R/V Melville. Drifted off course, struck reefs and sank… nightmare scenario.

Packing for a cruise

  Now that the deadline to ship my seagoing gear for the coming cruise that begins in Honolulu, Hawaii is within few days, Patrick and I work till late to complete our packing. As my current lab is too small to lay out all of these containers and shuffle around packing items, I arranged with […]

Simultaneous Monitoring of water properties and currents with a profiling data sonde and an acoustic Doppler current profiler at UTMSI Pier

The 1st column is for time period (10-day) info, 2nd column for E&N velocity info, 3rd column for Salinity & Temperature info, and 4th column for oxygen saturation and pH info. The x-axis is date for the chosen 10-day time span and the y-axis is depth: 0-11m. E/N Velocity time series plot: The channel’s alignment […]

Multi-Parameter Vertical Profiling System at UTMSI Pier (Part 6)

So far, the profiling operation is going very smooth, without any problem, except for the temporary stops during couple of power outages and computer problems. The Keyspan USB-serial adapter hooked up to the Nortek current profiler kept causing panic to the Windows OS, resulting in multiple crashes of computer over the last month or so. […]

TX Offshore Hydrographic and Optics Survey (October 2008)

The coastal ocean waters off Port Aransas during the fall time survey showed nearly uniform water temperature distribution over distance and over depth. Salinity varied significantly indicating different water masses might have been cooled down at shallow shelf sea.

The acoustic Doppler current profiler to monitor the current fields of the Aransas Pass tidal inlet at the UTMSI pier (Part 5)

The mystery of having mirror image between the U-velocity and Z-velocity once transformed even though they are the same vertical velocity has been solved. The U-velocity is always positive upward (i.e. water to air) regardless of the instrument configuration, whereas the Z-velocity is positive away from the instrument. So the Z-velocity and U-velocity are in […]

East Sea To Turn Into ‘Dead Sea’ in 100 Years?

As a researcher who has been studying this topic over a decade, I am interested in learning more of this news. However, I have not been able to locate the source of this news yet. The Bottom Water oxygen concentration is still > 220 umol/kg in the East Sea and the oxygen consumption rate is […]

Water and property observations at the Aransas Pass Tidal Inlet, TX (July 2010)

This is the preliminary observation data of currents and water properties I just observed simultaneously at the Aransas Pass tidal inlet, TX (UTMSI pier) during earlier part of this month. The left panel is the ENU velocity fields from a Nortek Aquadopp acoustic Doppler current profiler (1 MHz) and the right panel is the water […]