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2015/16 El Nino Outlook

The Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly (SSTA) in the eastern Pacific Ocean is much warmer than average this year (nearly 4 to 5 deg C warmer), and many research groups predict this will be a strong El Niño period.  Predictions of weather pattern for the southern U.S. (e.g. Texas) for this winter suggest a cooler and […]

Drones as pollinators, instead of terminators?

A recent NPR news reported an acute interest and effort to develop micro-scale ‘swarming’ drones by the US military. The idea is to launch scores or small-size drones together and let them network to accomplish a complex and dangerous mission in the future. I have been thinking of using the drones for more meaningful civilian […]

Cyclone Pam

Category 5 cyclone Pam ravaged tiny islands nation Vanuatu in the SW Pacific Ocean in mid-March 2015. The power of the storm itself was stronger than the hurricane Katrina that had landed on New Orleans, LA in 2005, without any seawalls or levies. These Pacific islands have already been struggling to cope with the sea […]

“The Other Road”

“As crude a weapon as the cave man’s club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life — a fabric on the one hand delicate and destructible, on the other miraculously tough and resilient, and capable of striking back in unexpected ways. These extraordinary capacities of life have been ignored by the […]

Avocado and Tuna

A good-willed behavior can sometimes results in an unintended consequence that may make you feel sorry than feel proud. If there is a way to cut off the black money channeling to gangsters, then wouldn’t you consider doing it? If there is an easy way to conserve the depleting seafood resources in the ocean, wouldn’t […]

Dr. Theo Colborn – one of 10 female scientists remembered in 2014

The Scientific American magazine reported a list of 10 notable women scientists who have passed away this year (2014). While I was browsing the list, one scientist’s profile captured my attention: Dr. Theo Colborn’s. I am not familiar with her  research in detail, but I recognize the importance in our life. She did a groundbreaking […]

Sage and Grunnion Sage Grouse

              NPR reported today that the Grunnion Sage Grouse, a bird species living in Colorado and Utah, is now protected under the federal ‘Endangered Species Act.’ This would make a significant impact on the ongoing oil and gas development efforts in these two states. Naturally this news provoked ire […]

MNS 308 Group Project – Plastic Pollution Awareness

Group “The Narwhals” on “Plastic Pollution Awareness” from 2013-Spring class: (Click 2 embedded video clips: slide #3 The Travels of the Red Balloon & #27 Our Artistic Contribution)

MNS308 Group Project – Plastics in the Ocean

Group “Coral Reefers” from 2013-Sp class:

Health Therapy Day – Class note for MNSf354Q (Marine Environmental Science) Lab

Health Therapy Day On 6/16/11, the class had a nature adventure in the local salt marsh area and had a good dose of health therapy, after having some reality check at the local waste water treatment plant. The students enjoyed the hot bubble bath and mud pack therapy accompanied with salt aerosol breathing. Some also […]