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Another sad incident on campus

During this spring 2017 semester, there was another sad incident on campus. We lost another promising freshman within one year… It happened in front of the main library (PCL) during a busy afternoon hour, and so many students witnessed this graphic scene first hand in their horror. ( The unfortunate stabbing incident on campus in […]


Active listening is a virtue. Indeed, some people listen to understand and empathize, while others listen to respond and perpetuate their own thoughts…

Challenging Time

It is a dark time. We should not lose hope. We shall overcome. #Science Matters  

A community in grief

A tragic incident happened in campus recently and we lost a bright young student by a heinous crime. The loss of a fellow student and the nature of the crime shocked the university community. Haruka Weiser was a freshman in the dance and theater program. I walk through the area where she was killed very […]

Surge or Squeeze?

As the semester is in full swing, we feel the pressure… of people everywhere in campus. Long lines, congested streets, and massive stampede of students every hour during the daytime are common and we all try to adapt. On top of that, constructions and traffic disruptions are ongoing in many spots in campus adding more […]

Distinguished Faculty Workshop Series – 15F#1 Prof Bob Duke

To provide a unique professional development opportunity for student educators on campus I have developed a new plan at the Sanger Learning Center at UGS this semester: Distinguished Faculty Workshop Series for student educators. The idea is we invite some renowned distinguished faculty members who are exceptionally talented and enthusiastic in teaching and let them […]

Window Seat

Windows in the office add a new dimension in our mental sanity and productivity at work. I would choose an office with a window over a one without it, if I have a choice, even if it is smaller than the other. It is critical for me to have an outside view from the office […]

Summertime stampede on campus

During the first part of the summer, the university campus becomes a – long awaited – quiet place. No more floods of students on campus, and only occasional maintenance works inside and out of the buildings create noise in campus. This changes quickly when the summer session begins. Although the number of students who take […]


“The truly complete mentor is a single individual who is able to serve as an adviser, guide, developer of talent, coach, opener of doors, advocate, role model, interpreter of organizational or professional rules, protector, rule setter, or boss – and carries on all of these functions on a long term basis.” (William Silen) “The five […]

Toilet Blues

Is it possible to maintain clean and pleasant environment at the university restrooms? Knowing that it is not quite realistic to expect as clean a restroom at the university campus as the one at home, when hundreds of people use the place everyday, I desire to throw a little bit of tantrum here. Before I […]