Red Pen, Green Pen

I usually conduct reading quiz one day and group quiz (or activity) the other day in the classes throughout the semester. One obvious purpose of this regular quiz activity is to hold the students accountable for studying the required text (and priming their brains with important concepts) before the lecture. But equally important purpose for this regular quiz activity is to assess where my students stand, as instructor. Low-stakes assessments like in-class quiz are helpful in identifying their misconceptions or confusion of important concepts and I can decide to offer impromptu feedback and clarification.

I return the graded reading quizzes back to students with comments. In the past, I encouraged the students to review and pick up their quizzes during the office hours, but it had unsatisfactory return rate. Yet, students complained about slow feedback of the  instructor on their performances. Now I return the graded quizzes back during the class time within the next few days.

I share a workload of grading with my TA, not just half and half, but rather first and second round: My TAs grade the quizzes or exams first based on the keys I provided, and I grade them second round. We both grade but in two different colors. I use a green pen, while my TA uses  a red pen. This has few benefits: (i) Students would know both TAs and the professor read through their work and they received feedback from both, (ii) I can focus more on giving constructive feedback while TAs focus on grading correct answers, and (iii) I can help and guide TAs for their assessment and feedback while checking their grading.

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