A community in grief

A tragic incident happened in campus recently and we lost a bright young student by a heinous crime. The loss of a fellow student and the nature of the crime shocked the university community. Haruka Weiser was a freshman in the dance and theater program. I walk through the area where she was killed very often because it is relatively isolated from all the noise and traffic of the campus and good for quiet time and reflection. I would never feel the same when I walk down that path again in the future. As a father who has grownup children, this incident emotionally disturbs me even more. Yesterday, there was a university community gathering for remembering Haruka. Thousands of students and staff gathered to quietly mourn and comfort together. I don’t remember we had a gathering on campus in this scale before. The message from her family asking us to make this tragic incident as an opportunity to protect others so her death may not become meaningless was sobering and touching. Fortunately the suspect has been arrested since the security video was released yesterday. However, the mourning and reflection continue. My heartfelt prayers to her family and friends.



(source: http://tower.utexas.edu/2016/04/07/tower-darkens-to-honor-life-of-haruka-weiser/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=UTAustinSocial)

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