Tips for Crafting Better Explanations – from Faculty Focus

Are We Clear?  Tips for Crafting Better Explanations

By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD

  1. Language at the level of the learner
  2. Paced at the speed of the learner
  3. Malleable, able to be reshaped, formed differently, reconstituted
  4. Reconstituted or repeated as often as necessary without hints of frustration or doubts about the learner
  5. Illustrated with examples meaningful to the learner
  6. Not single-sourced
  7. Always made better – Explanations can always be improved

It is another reminder that we should teach for students’ learning, and we should not assume that they will understand because we explained. If a teacher cannot sense that his/her students are lost, he/she is disconnected from the students and we cannot expect meaningful learning may occur in such a setting. Effective learning can be achieved by careful coordination of collaborative efforts between teachers and students.


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