Window Seat

2015-07-02 12.20.12

View from the Biological Laboratory building office

View from the Jester building

View from the Jester building office

Windows in the office add a new dimension in our mental sanity and productivity at work. I would choose an office with a window over a one without it, if I have a choice, even if it is smaller than the other. It is critical for me to have an outside view from the office to be properly functional and creative. It doesn’t matter how scenic it might be. I don’t care about the size of the window or quality of the glass. I just need one to peer through so I can get connected with outside. Albeit another opening to outside, a door doesn’t give a same mental link.

This year, I work at two different offices on campus: one in the Jester (JES) building for the Sanger Learning Center, and the other in the Biological Laboratory (BIO) building for the marine science department. They are about ten minutes apart by walk across the campus. Each office has a window and I am so grateful about it. From the JES office, I can see a part of the PCL library plaza (bottom photo). The gray concrete structure of the PCL library is not very artistic from the side (the building actually resembles a Texas state shape if viewed from top), but I do not mind. I enjoy the view of the sky, trees, and people. I can see rains hit the windows. From my BIO office, I can see the 24th street (top photo) and this area can be quite crowded with student traffics during the long semester. Again, I love the view of the sky, trees, people, and even small birds… When I need to refresh my mind, destress, or contemplate, I would just look outside for a while. I can quickly regain my peace.

Aisle or Window?


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