Toilet Blues

Is it possible to maintain clean and pleasant environment at the university restrooms? Knowing that it is not quite realistic to expect as clean a restroom at the university campus as the one at home, when hundreds of people use the place everyday, I desire to throw a little bit of tantrum here.

Before I go any further, I need to make it clear that I appreciate the janitorial staff’s hard work to keep the restrooms usable and decently clean despite their limited time and resources. In fact, I always say hello with smile each time I encounter them in the hallway out of my appreciation.

My predicament is not about the facilities support by the university, efforts by the staff, or most ordinary users with common sense. It is toward those few who negate all these efforts with their absent-minded ill manner. I admit that my experience is limited to the men’s rooms, to avoid any suspicion.

I do not understand the mindset of the people who put a paper towel in a urinal and who do not flush after they did their job. I don’t know if there is any official study about it, but according to my anecdotal experiences (again, which are limited to the men’s rooms only), so many people leave the restroom without washing their hands. Hello! Also, I am not still used to the people who are talking on the phone while sitting on a head. Don’t they have any respect for the other person in line for their appetite? Perhaps the worst kind of people is who urinate on top of the toilet seat. I wonder if they are a same species with us… It is not only disgusting, but also it makes me angry and sad. I know it is a mere fantasy but I sometimes dream to catch such a people while committing those ‘criminal’ acts, and send them back to kindergarten to learn the very basic manners and courtesy to respect others as a penalty. Am I too naive?