Dangers of working in university campus

Mental notes to myself about the dangers of working in university campus:

  1. Watch out those students who walk like zombies while text-ing. They tend to move in groups, in all directions.
  2. When you cross the campus streets, make sure you look left, right and left again… and keep repeating this until you safely land on the other side of the highway for student bikers and skateboarders. It is reported that even chimps look both sides when they cross the road.
  3. If possible at all, try to avoid to walk through the campus between the ‘quarter till’ and the ‘top of the hour’ unless you want to get run over by the stampede of students in between the classes.
  4. Make sure you do not get abducted into those flowery-colored blood donation bus in campus.
  5. (ps) You cannot maintain good health if you pick so many cupcakes from the students’ fundraiser tables on campus.
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