Rest in Peace, Prof. Joseph Reid

Jo, Rest in Peace. I am still so grateful for your gentle guidance, critical advice and limitless humor as my dissertation committee member. You often challenged me to think critically, not to assume without evidence, and not get too excited about new findings just because they look consistent with the previous results. I learned how to make sense of seemingly trivial individual data values from observation. I always loved your “outrageous insistence that ocean circulation models should bear some resemblance to reality”! Thank you.

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Joris Gieskes: Thanks for the tribute. He was indeed a great man. Joris
Patricio Bernal: It is really a sad piece of news. Jo was also in my committee and I fully share Dong-Ha´s remembrance. He was a remarkable person and a first notch scientist. Depicting a synoptic view of the Pacific Ocean with the tools and instruments of the fifties and sixties was, no doubt, a daring enterprise. He withdrew all the implications of what he obtained, influencing and changing the mindset of a generation of oceanographers. He was a friendly and jovial partner. I knew how to get him start singing,….you just started “The eyes of Texas are upon….” and there he went on playing the piano and singing. We´ll miss him.
Tracy Villareal: Nice tribute Dong-Ha, we should all be lucky enough to have such words said of us at the end.
Megan Noel: This is a beautiful and moving tribute, Dong-Ha. I’m so sorry for your loss, and the loss to the science community.
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