Academic Counseling

[CC-licensed wikimedia photo by Jefferyauschert]

I have advised, supervised, counseled and mentored students over the years (which I am enthusiastic about). It is refreshing and rewarding to help young people to get inspired and empowered. Recently, however, I had to redefine the meaning of counseling in my understanding, as I began to wear an additional hat of a ‘learning specialist’. I see students to counsel them on various academic concerns and study skills these days. I may see myself as an academic counselor, right? Right? Apparently I am not, at least officially. Some of my senior colleagues told me that we are not counselors although we provide counseling to the students…  &*%^&$%#?? This strange and cautious approach is because people often think of psychiatric, mental health,  career counselors or even academic advisors first instead of academic counselors. Confused? Go figure.

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