Name tag


I received a shiny new magnetic name tag as I began to work at the Sanger Learning Center at the School of Undergraduate Studies. Although I also work at the Department of Marine Science, we don’t use name tags there. I don’t need to wear it everyday, but certainly expected to wear on official events.

It is in a long while since I last had a wearable name tag, although I wear a name tag at the scientific conferences. That is just for several days at the meeting.  As I recall, it was during my military service period when I last wore a name tag. At that time, the tag not only showed my name but also an identification number. I didn’t like to be identified by the number, but that was the nature of the work. Before then, I had also an embroidered or acrylic name tag on my school uniforms during the middle and high school times. Not only my teachers and peers at school, but anyone I encounter in street could read my name. No privacy. It was our open ID back then.

Now I feel reminiscent, excited and slightly uncomfortable at the same time with this new name tag. What does it mean to wear a name tag in university?


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