Coffee or Tea?

‘Regular, medium roast, medium size.’ My usual coffee order from any coffee store. It translates as the cheapest house-brew coffee in a regular size cup. It is rare for me to order a complicated recipe of coffee. I like the raw and not-so-fancy version of coffee. Either black or addition of little bit of half-and-half. Some stores serve it too bland, but I encounter surprisingly good ones sometimes.

Like many people, I drink coffee every morning when I get up. This is almost ritual. I buy a bag of coffee beans at the Costco and grind the beans before I brew. Sometimes I wonder if I am too much dependent on caffeine. I used to drink many cups of coffee during any day, but now I have cut it down to one or two. According to a recent study, 26,000 cups of coffee are consumed on the planet every second. I am a steady contributor. It is interesting that Americans used to drink more milk and less coffee until just few decades ago. My old office coffee maker that has served me faithfully since 1992 finally stopped working couple months ago. It has accompanied me in California, Washington, Pennsylvania and Texas over the last 22 years in different climate conditions, well beyond its ordinary life expectancy. RIP my old Krups.

I am also a tea lover. My wife used to call me Mr. T (for tea) for my affection of variety of teas. I tend to drink black tea at work  (mostly for convenience with tea bags) but love to drink Korean green tea at home. If possible (and affordable), I try to have a whole leaf tea instead of tea bag version. They have huge difference in quality and taste. Drinking green tea requires some careful preparation and handling to enjoy it properly. Black tea and green tea taste best at different water temperature and bring on different mood for the occasion. I would be more conscious in water quality when preparing green tea. Why do I like drinking tea even though it contains an order of magnitude smaller amount of caffeine? I guess that is because they serve differently for me: Coffee is for concentration (on work) and Tea is for meditation (for life).

I dream that I can have a luxury to equip my office with the Korean teapot and cups someday and enjoy relaxed conversation with my guests with green tea. Of course washing duty after the tea meeting is on me.



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