UT Graduation – 2014

Over 8600 students graduated from the University of Texas at Austin at the Spring 2014 graduation. The College of Natural Sciences, the largest college at UT, had to hold the convocation in two separate events and each one lasted over three hours. It was great to congratulate the Marine & Freshwater Biology (MFB) concentration students on stage at the ceremony. I was particularly happy for them as I knew most of them from my previous classes. The University-wide graduation ceremony held at the main tower area of campus in the Saturday evening was quite memorable. Between the Tower and the 21st street, graduating students, families and friends, event staffs and police, and professors packed the area. Professors lined up along the two main corridors greeted the students during their grand procession. Professors in our section clapped, chanted, shook hands, and did high-fives with the passing students. I was able to congratulate and hug the MFB and Environmental Science graduates as they passed by. The Procession of students and professors in colorful robes, hats, and decorations accompanied by the banners and maces and ceremonial music reminded me of the ancient Roman triumphs. Not only they are similar in flamboyant appearances and quite ritual but also in the purposes –  celebrating the successful achievement. My best wishes for all those who graduated. I know they were all cheerful and celebrated but they may also have worries and nervousness in heart, if not fear, about the new, uncertain future that is awaiting for them. You can do it. What starts here changes the world.

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