Another batch of MSI graduate students

I had a privilege to train another batch of graduate students for effective teaching at our department this year. Nearly the same curriculum, but quite distinct and different collective character compared to the previous year’s class. I am proud of every one of them who completed a challenging journey with me in training for effective teaching and learning. I am really pleased to observe a substantial change in confidence and competence of teaching with everyone of them over the semester.

This semester, I had one student who had to attend this class from Port Aransas. Not quite ideal, considering the nature of this class which requires many face to face interactions, but we did our best to accommodate the need for this student. I naturally used Skype to connect this student at our class time. When we sat around the tables in the classroom, I would put one laptop computer on one seat at a corner so the student from afar can see most of the classmates from his view on Skype. When it was his turn to make a presentation, I connected his Skype view on the main console computer so he was seen on the big projector screen. It worked out fine after all, I think.

I hope they can apply what they learned in their classes and make good impacts in their students’ learning and their hearts. Good job everyone. I am proud of you.




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