Characteristics of Effective Teachers – Ken Bain

Characteristics of Effective Teachers

(Ken Bain)

  1. Know the subject extremely well
  2. Follow developments in their field
  3. Take a strong interest in broader issues of the disciplines: histories, controversies, etc
  4. Can simplify and clarify the foundational concepts of the field
  5. And think about their own thinking, analyze it and evaluate it
  6. Talk less about transmitting knowledge and more about helping students grapple with the material
  7. Define effective learning as a sustained and substantial influence on the way people think, act and feel
  8. Treat teaching as a serious intellectual endeavor as demanding and important as research
  9. Design assignments that embody the kind of thinking and acting required “in real life”
  10. Create a classroom environment in which students learn by confronting authentic tasks that challenge them to rethink their assumptions and examine their mental models of reality
  11. Support both learner autonomy and collaboration
  12. Treat students with a high degree of trust
  13. Have some system for evaluating their effectiveness and adjusting their instruction mid-course


(source: What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain)

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