Walking as refreshment

I love to walk.  I can feel the environment and sense the people through observation, hearing, or smelling while walking, but most of all I enjoy walking because I can think. This is probably the most cherished time of any day for me. As an academician, I spend lots of hours sitting in my office. It is beneficial (and essential) for my physical and mental health to walk out for a while to refresh myself from stress and curled posture in front of the computer. It can be hot to walk outside during the summer days and I may end up getting wet from sweating from the walk, but it won’t matter much. As long as there is a chance, I head out. I have gained a habit over the years to bring a small notepad with a pen with me when I walk out. When I come up with a new idea or remember something to do, I would jot down the memo. Otherwise, they will likely evaporate quickly before I return. On campus, I usually take different routes each time I walk out – if not a random walk – to give me a little bit of variety in experience and stimuli. Thanks to this habit, I get to see and know lots of areas on campus. I also walk for an hour with my wife at home after the dinner when it becomes dusk. This is the time we can casually talk about our days,  share some thoughts and plan things together. It is not only beneficial for our health but also give us a healing and bonding experience for us. Walking alone. I enjoy it. Walking with my loved one, I cherish it.


I can only meditate when I am walking. When I stop, I cease to think; my mind works only with my legs.

– Jean Jacques Rousseau



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