The acoustic Doppler current profiler to monitor the current fields of the Aransas Pass tidal inlet at the UTMSI pier (Part 5)

The mystery of having mirror image between the U-velocity and Z-velocity once transformed even though they are the same vertical velocity has been solved. The U-velocity is always positive upward (i.e. water to air) regardless of the instrument configuration, whereas the Z-velocity is positive away from the instrument. So the Z-velocity and U-velocity are in same direction when the instrument is looking upward in the water column, but they are in opposite sign when the instrument is looking down, like the case here. (1010)
The profiler is re-deployed in the water with the help by Frank Ernst. The data collection and recording have been resumed. A zinc anode is attached to the stainless steel bracket. The cable is arranged in a way that it is tightly following the pier structure with minimum length is freely moving in the air or water. Keeping my fingers crossed. (1006)
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.19.21 PM
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