Multi-Parameter Vertical Profiling System at UTMSI Pier (Part 5)

After this fantastic diving operation to install the new PVC pipe in the water was completed, I  resumed the sonde profiling in July 9th of 2010. Yahoo! I plan to compare the sonde profiling data against the current profiling data collected during the same time period. This is the interesting time period when the influence of the Hurricane Alex subsided in early July and the next tropical storm has hit the coast here (1007).
Tenacity is the word I keep in my mind in continuing my efforts to successfully conduct the automated sonde profilings at the MSI pier. After a long and careful thoughts, planning and preparation, I have changed the design of the profiler guiding structure at the pier: from one stainless bracket at the bottom and two guy wires design to four stainless brackets and a long 6″OD PVC pipe throughout the water column. The sonde would travel through the water column inside the protected PVC pipe at this time. The bracket design and dimension are about the same as the previous one except it has
an additional U-bolt on the front panel which can secure the PVC pipe onto the bracket along the pier piling. SS brackets  are welded and fabricated in-house and two long (20-ft) and thick (6″OD, 80-schedule) PVC pipes are purchased and its side wall perforated with staggering 2″DI holes on four sides for efficient water exchange. All the materials are coated and coated again with the anti-fouling paint. At this time zinc shaft collars are attached to the metal brackets for further protection.
On June 14th, 2010, our helping hands, the TX National Guard Heavy Dive team has arrived and installed the brackets and pipe at the pier for us. The two PVC pipes are glued together and pinned down to each other at the joint. When the 40-ft long pipe is erected in the water, the bottom of the pipe is placed ~10″ above the sediment surface to leave some room for any thing falling through the pipe can get flushed away, and the bottom bracket is placed ~1m above it. The top bracket is placed at about ~1m below the water surface, and two middle brackets are places ~1 m above and beyond the middle joint of the pipes for reinforcement. It’s time to connect the sonde to the profiling winch again to test power and communication, before I can resume the automated profiling again. (100614)
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.33.54 PM
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