Multi-Parameter Vertical Profiling System at UTMSI Pier (Part 3)

There have been several trials and errors with the guy wire set up at the pier. Harsh fouling, corrosive, and swift current environment made one of the bottom clamps loose and eventually disconnected. We had to send the divers in the water to repair the disconnected cable. The cable tension was re-adjusted. In the mean time, I did manual profiling with the sonde at the pier with a rope attached to the sonde. One day the sonde
cable was tangled on one of the protruding structure on the pier piling in the water. Divers were called in to rescue my sonde stuck in the water. I learned that the rope can “fly” very far due to rapid current here. I have attached number of stainless steel D-rings on the rope at about 1m interval, and attached the rope against one of the guy wire as I lower and raise the sonde throughout the water column. It worked fine even when I moored the sonde at a certain depth for some time. One day, I found one of the guy wires was very loose again.

After a long wait for fair weather and good current condition for divers, we were able to retrieve the guy wires and bottom bracket at the bottom altogether to investigate the situation. One stainless steel guy wire was badly snatched in mid-depth. We tentatively concluded that was due to vandalism as tidal currents or corrosion cannot make that sharp cut on metal wire. It was likely by high power motored boat which might have anchored/tied and left without un-tieing. It is sad that some people do this despite our big sign of no anchoring/mooring on our research pier… The  guywires and bottom bracket will be overhauled, re-painted with antifouling paint and be re-installed underwater sometime during summer time.   (0712)

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