Multi-Parameter Vertical Profiling System at UTMSI Pier (Part 2)

The profiling winch structure has been installed at the pier with a help of many people at the institute. Because tidal current is fairly strong at this location, we have placed parallel guy wires which run from the bottom of the sea floor to the upper deck of the pier so the sonde can travel along these wires without being swept away by the current or hitting the piling during its profiling. The bottom part of the guy wires are fixed to the thick stainless steel bracket which is attached to the bottom part of the piling at 40 ft depth. A mock PVC sonde which is positioned to the guy wires by the stainless steel brackets and eye-bolts are tested on the guy wires to make sure smooth vertical travel. The guy wires are soaked in the anti-fouling paint. The fouling on the guy wires will be further protected when the sonde and its eye-bolt arms will travel up and down along the wires.                                    (070309)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.24.44 PM

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