Multi-Parameter Vertical Profiling System at UTMSI Pier (Part 1)

A vertical profiling sensor package (YSI 6950) will be installed at the end of the MSI pier
to monitor temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, turbidity, and pH of the
water column (0.5-12 m) in high frequency. The Aransas Pass tidal inlet is a major water
exchange pathway connecting the Gulf of Mexico and many bays in west Texas. Besides
waters, many ships and various kinds of fish and larvae travel through this pass. This
observation will complement the existing monitoring effort for tide, currents, water
temperature and salinity at the fixed water depths, and weather parameter by Tony Amos.
The pier observation will also provide us with a very useful information in extending the
knowledge obtained from the newly dedicated Mission-Aransas NERR (National
Estuarine Research Reserve) area towards the offshore sites in the Gulf of Mexico.

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